NEW LOCATION!!! 6 Kensington Road, (Route 84) Hampton Falls, NH! We Strive To Deliver Exceptional Hot Tub Sales And Service.

Oceanside Hot Tub only offers the best, highest quality hot tubs and spas for the money. Tropic Seas Spas, Catalina Spas, Signature Spas and Strong Spas offer the biggest bang for the buck, the highest of quality and reliability. Whether you are looking for an entry level spa or if you are looking for a luxurious high end spa...

We have a hot tub to fit every budget and every need!

UP TO 65% OFF!

Low overhead means low prices...we are unmatched in Price and Quality!
*Due to the high volume of customer orders, there maybe a 4-6 week delay on some hot tub models. Be sure to reserve your hot tub now to avoid delays!


Friendly Financing:
Making your new hot tub or spa affordable with manageable monthly payments!

Oceanside Hot Tub & Spa has partnered with Signature Spas Financing to provide you the lowest interest rates for your financing needs. Bad Credit?? No problem, we are very understanding of past financial hardships. Simply click on the "Get Financing Now" button below, fill out and submit the credit application for pre-approval. Where the application asks for Sales Rep, please put Oceanside Hot Tub to be sure you get processed quickly.  Once approved, call us to setup an appointment to pick out your hot tub or spa.*

*Bank fees and charges may apply